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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. bill? >> good morning, vai. temperatures are running warmer than yesterday, but there are still some chilly spots, especially north and west where skies are completely clear. in philadelphia, it's hard to tell right now. we're still about 50 minutes away from sunrise this morning, but there are some high clouds that have started to move in. and the clouds will be increasing during the day. 40s for pottstown, reading, lancaster. we've seen some 40s in new jersey, too. mt. holly is down to 47 degrees right now. northeast philadelphia has just cooled to 50 degrees. we'll start with some sunshine at the bus stop but another chilly start. 40s in the suburbs, 54 degrees in center city. the sunshine, though, as the day goes on, will be fading. we're not going to see a nice, sun aye day like yesterday. clouds will be increasing at 9:00, 61 degrees and mostly cloudy at noontime but dry, too, at lunchtime, 70 degrees. future weather when i come back. i'll show you when the rain will be moving in. but first, jillian mele has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. we've had an accident all morning long on the new jersey turnpike southbound, and it is
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still there. it's southbound right as you approach the delaware memorial bridge. we have a couple lanes blocked out there. only the right lane of traffic is getting by. this happened hours ago in the overnight hours involving an overturned tractor-trailer. we're also hearing you could see some activity on 295 in that area of route 295 and the new jersey turnpike meet right before the bridge. so use caution if you are heading in that direction. this is a live look at the admiral wilson boulevard right near baird boulevard. and on the westbound side, you can see flashing lights. there was a water main break around 7:00 last night, so repair work is going on this morning. the right lane is blocked in that area. heading into pennsylvania, chester county specifically, route 30 bypass looking pretty good. that's a live look eastbound right near route 340. traffic is moving in both directions right now. and as far as delays, we're not reporting any yet. 95 is starting to get congested southbound by cottman avenue, but average speeds across the board right now in the mid-50s for most of the majors in pennsylvania. tracy? we are following breaking news at 6:02. at the king of prussia mall.
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skyforce10 is live over the scene. we're told there was a fire and there was heavy smoke. this is a live picture again from skyforce10 above the mall. fire started about an hour ago. we've learned the fire was in a kiosk. no one was hurt. in the past few minutes, we have learned there is smoke inside the mall. we're making calls to get more information, and as soon as we get it, we'll update you. now to our breaking news from overnight in the ogontz section of philadelphia. two people were shot, one of them was eight months pregnant. the deadly shooting happened at 20th and nedro streets. nbc 10's katy zachry's live at the scene. and katy, any information on the condition of that third victim? >> reporter: yeah, vai, we're hearing that that third victim, a 26-year-old man who's at einstein medical center, is in critical condition after he was shot twice at this intersection behind me. you can see police are holding the scene right now after homicide detectives have left. these officers on scene are waiting for a police tow truck to remove the victim 's car fro
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this corner. police say in a 25-year-old pregnant woman, eight months pregnant, and a 26-year-old man were in this car at 20th and nedro streets just before 1:00 a.m. several calls came into the police department about a shooting. >> when police arrived on the scene, both of the victims, the male and the female, were on the sidewalk, laying on the sidewalk right next to that chevy impala. there is blood in the impala. the impala appears to have been struck by gunfire. >> reporter: and those responding philadelphia officers drove the two victims to the hospital. the woman eight months pregnant had been shot four times, including in the head. she died at einstein medical center around 1:00 this morning. the man who was with her -- again, we don't know yet his relationship to the victim, whether he was a boyfriend or even, we're hearing possibly he was a relative, her brother. he was shot twice. he is in critical condition but expected to survive. doctors did an emergency delivery of the woman's baby she
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was carrying, and sadly, the little girl died at einstein medical center just after 2:00 this morning. homicide detectives this morning have been interviewing witnesses, some of the first people to call police about the shooting that happened. there are surveillance cameras around this intersection, so detectives are also trying to get their hands on that video in hopes that it captured the shooting. in terms of the suspect, police have a vague description of a man running south from here. again, they are interviewing witnesses, and right now the motive is still unknown. reporting live in ogontz, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it is 6:04. three people are expected to turn themselves in to philadelphia police this morning on charges that they attacked a gay couple in center city. investigators say philip williams, kevin harrigan and kath rick knerine knott all fro county will be charged with assault, reckless endangerment and conspiracy. sources tell nbc 10 knott is the daughter of the police chief of chalfont. last week, police released surveillance video of a group of the possible suspects. there is that video, walking near the scene of the attack at
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16th and chancellor. the victims say they were beaten because they are gay. lawyers for some of the suspects say the alleged victims instigated the fight, but the victims released this statement yesterday that says, "thank you to the community for their help and support as well as the detectives who did a great job gathering details. we are thankful the d.a.'s working so hard to make sure this doesn't happen again in philadelphia." casino crisis. in just a few hours, bankrupt revel casino goes on the auction block. bidders will meet in new york with one man offering $90 million for the hotel and gaming center. nbc 10's jesse gary has been following the casino crisis. here's his report. >> reporter: glen straub says he'd like to construct a second tower, completing the original vision of what was to be a boardwalk staple. instead, revel sits as the most expensive casino to close. to complete a comeback, straub must win today's auction. he's competing with several other bidders, but the exact number isn't known. the man who already owns a
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swanky golf and country club wants to turn this multibillion dollar loss into a type of university campus. he envisions the best and brightest gathering to solve the world's most vexing problems. straub also wants high-speed rails and ferry routes to connect a.c. with nyc to attract more people, but a colossal problem looms. should his bid prove successful, how do you turn a profit on a property that's never made money? revel closed september 2nd, followed close after by the trump plaza. in all, four a.c. casinos have closed this year, leaving thousands of employees without work, sparking an employment crisis, and that crisis could be bigger with the trump taj mahal poised to close in november. straub hopes to have the revel partially rejuvenated and open in some fashion so it doesn't sit dark and dormant during the winter. a bankruptcy judge could decide who takes control of revel september 30th. in atlantic city, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and the hits keep coming for
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atlantic city. employees received a warning letter yesterday that says the city plans to ask the state for permission to lay off workers in an effort to save money, but it'd unclear how many exactly. officials also want to reopen most union contracts for city workers to cut salaries and benefits. and of course, stay with nbc 10 news for continuing coverage on the casino crisis. jersey shore bureau reporter ted gravebe greenberg will be in new york for revel's auction and for a look at the deeper economic impact the casino crisis is having on atlantic city, go to a delaware county teacher is behind bars this morning accused of having sex with a former student. bill barber, a teacher and coach seen here, works at garnet valley middle school. he was arraigned yesterday. state police tell us that a 15-year-old girl sent her former coach nude photos. they say the two exchanged sexually explicit messages and the alleged encounter happened in the coach's office. >> the school did everything they were supposed to. as soon as they received the report, they contacted us. we were down there and able to interview the victim.
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>> this comes as a shock to people who rallied around barber and his family to raise money for their 4-year-old daughter who has cancer. he has been placed on leave from the school. family and friends continue to mourn the loss of a 15-year-old girl who was shot and killed by a stray bullet on monday, and the search for her alleged killer is now over. 19-year-old darian person turned himself in to police around 7:00 last night. just a few hours before person turned himself in, u.s. marshals busted open the door of his rowan street home. >> announce yourself! >> on monday, 15-year-old aisha abdur-rhaman was on old york road in front of einstein hospital when she was hit by that stray bullet. her funeral will be held tomorrow. happening today, the jury will begin to deliberate the fate of two men accused in a deadly playground shooting in philadelphia. now, you might remember, it was last april when a gun fight broke out at the tustin playground on lancaster avenue. an innocent 17-year-old bystander named bernard scott was shot and killed that day. jaquan jordan and stanley
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postell are facing several charges, including murder. they are just two of the four people accused in the deadly shooting. 6:09. there is growing frustration this morning as police are now in their 12th day of searching for the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another. this video comes from inside the search perimeter in monroe county where there's still no sign of eric frein. residents who have been denied access to their homes during the manhunt are frustrated. state police say they have been diligent in respecting the rights of the public while working to keep residents and officers safe. nbc 10 has learned what will happen if eric frein is caught. first he'll be taken before a judge in stroudsburg and then returned to pike county, where the ambush shooting happened. nbc 10 news is working with nbc news and our nbc station in the poconos to bring you the latest developments in this manhunt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> gorgeous weather yesterday but change is on the way. after clear skies overnight,
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still nice and clear for most of center city, but you can see the scattered clouds moving across new jersey and headed for philadelphia. those clouds on the increase during the day today. by later today, it will be cloudy, and that will lead to rain. we're tracking rain to the south this morning. some heavy downpours are possible tonight and into tomorrow morning. during the day today, it should be mostly dry, but it is chilly with clear skies north and west. that's where we're seeing the coolest temperatures. upper 40s for bridgeton, washington township and wrightstown and right in the low 50s for most of the i-95 corridor. but go north and west, where skies have been completely clear overnight, pottstown and quakertown are in the middle 40s right now. they're still seeing clear skies, but the high clouds have started to move into philadelphia. and look at the clouds over cape may, atlantic city and southern delaware. those clouds will lead to rain possibly by late this afternoon right along the coast. the future weather showing the showers moving into the area by late this afternoon for lewis,
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cape may and atlantic city. that's 5:00 this afternoon. then during the evening hours, that rain moves inland. at 8:00 this evening, showers just short of philadelphia, but some steady rain for wilmington, dover, millville and atlantic city. we've got the seven-day forecast with more on the rain and also the weekend warm-up. we're into the 6:00 hour, and thankfully, it's not like what we had yesterday, but there are still a couple trouble spots out there. >> jillian mele has an update. >> 95 is starting to get con jezzed. live look at 95 near cottman avenue. slow moving, tapping the brakes, but drive times not indicating a delay right now. that's going to change, though, in the next few minutes. heading to 76, eastbound side slowing down right noer the conshohocken curve. westbound looking okay, but expect to see a slowdown right near city avenue. worcester township, montgomery county. another problem here this morning. this is a vehicle fire right now. germantown pike at heritage drive. and for drivers in new jersey, we still have this accident. it's in the process of being cleared right now. it involves an overturned
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tractor-trailer overnight. new jersey turnpike southbound right as you approach the delaware memorial bridge, the right lane of traffic is getting by, but we are hearing about intermittent closures of all lanes just so crews can get this out of there. and if you'll notice, this is the new jersey turnpike. this is 295. this is right where the two highways connect before the bridge, so you can also expect to see restrictions until that's clear on 295. tracy? >> jillian, thanks. 12 minutes past 6:00. deadly ride. what was supposed to be a fun trip took a tragic turn in delaware, and now state police say the bus driver is to blame. raging wildfire. flames tear through northern california, and just as firefighters get the upper hand, mother nature may deal a damaging blow.
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6:15. we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. a pregnant woman was shot to
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death in philadelphia's ogontz section. her baby girl was delivered but died a short time later. this is 20th street where police are investigating. nbc 10's katy zachry is on scene gathering new information. she will have a live update coming up at 6:30. we are also following breaking news out of king of prussia. skyforce10 over king of prussia mall. fire has broken out on the plaza side of the mall. this is a live picture from skyforce10. the fire started about an hour ago in the food court in a kiosk. in the past few minutes, we have learned there was some smoke inside the mall, but that's it. we will bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom. a tour bus driver is now facing charges after police say he was speeding when his bus overturned in new castle county this weekend. 56-year-old jinli zhao from flushing, new york, was charged with two counts of operating a vehicle causing the death of another person. two women were killed in that crash. investigators with the national transportation safety board returned to the crash site in bear yesterday. they actually shut down the off-ramp from route 1 to route
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13 where it happened to reconstruct the accident. the bus was headed for new york when it veered off the ramp and rolled on to its roof sunday. 49 people were on board. more than a dozen victims are still being treated at christiana hospital in newark. this morning we're learning more about a deadly workplace shooting in alabama. the pastor of the alleged gunman describes him as being troubled over his work and his financial situation. police say the man shot and killed two former bosses at a u.p.s. warehouse yesterday in birmingham and then he killed himself. investigators say the alleged gunman was fired from his job on monday. the family of former san diego charger paul oliver's suing the nfl for wrongful death, saying concussions led to his suicide last year. the suit says oliver suffered mood, memory and anger issues associated with repetitive head trauma and claims the nfl knew about the risk associated with concussions for decades but concealed that information. neither the nfl nor the chargers have commented on the lawsuit. in california, the massive
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king fire burning in forest land east of sacramento has slowed down enough for a few evacuees to return home, but fire crews fear strong winds expected today could cause new problems. the blaze has burned through more than 89,000 acres and is right now only 35% contained. it's been burning since september 13th. one man is under arrest in connection with that fire. just about 6:20. not surprisingly, snrz volume out there. >> jillian mele, what are you seeing? >> good morning. volume on roads like 95 and 76, and it's starting to build on other roads, like route 202, but it's not too bad, as you can see. this is a live look at 202 right near route 29. drive times about 12 to 13 minutes on 202 between 76 and route 30. we still have a car fire at worcester, german nan town pike at heritage drive. volume building as drivers move into philadelphia on the westbound side. but no accidents or delays to report on any area bridges. delays, though, can be found on
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the new jersey turnpike. they have this accident still in the process of clearing, new jersey turnpike southbound right as you approach the delaware memorial bridge. expect to see activity on the turnpike and 295 just because this is where those two roads meet. as far as the new jersey turnpike goes, though, the right lane does get by in that area, so we are seeing traffic get by, but you can expect that traffic to be pretty slow right now. if your travels take you out on mass transit this morning, everything on s on or close to schedule. range of conditions this morning. look to the north and you'll find clear skies for the pocono mountains. this is the view from french manor this morning. nice and clear and a chilly start north and west. but at the shore, look at the clouds overhead. the clouds are going to win out today, eventually moving well inland, too. a cloudy day at the shore. and the clouds will move into philadelphia as the day goes on. the temperatures have still been coming down this morning. 50 degrees now in washington township. that's up a couple degrees in the last hour, but it's coming down in chester springs at 44.
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40s now for reading, pottstown, quakertown. bluebell is at 45 degrees. but at the shore with those clouds overhead, 60s for beach haven, atlantic city and avalon. cloud cover helps hold in some of the heat. we certainly have plenty of clouds for the shore. as far as rain is concerned, it's still well to the south. it has been soaking the carolina coast over the last couple days. this is the rain that will be moving in late this afternoon to points along the coastline and then inland later this evening and we'll start the day damp tomorrow. but today, north and west, sunshine for the pocono mountains, 68 degrees. low 70s for allentown and reading. the clouds will be increasing for trenton and northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. we'll see 73 degrees this afternoon for mt. holly. at the shore, a cloudy day and a chance of some late afternoon and evening showers for rehoboth, cape may and atlantic city. for philadelphia, we will warm into the middle 70s for chester and wilmington, same story, but
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clouds increasing today. the rain tonight. then tomorrow with gusty winds, they'll be out of here for friday, though. nice and sunny later on friday with lots of sunshine scheduled for this weekend but nice and comfortable. the humidity stays low saturday and sunday with temperatures up to 80 degrees monday afternoon. you can see a few clouds in the morning on tuesday. 6:21. new this morning, mystery solved. we now know what it was and where that nasty smell that filled the air in several counties came from. we'll fill you in. also today, pennsylvania governor corbett will sign the new cigarette tax into law, guaranteeing millions of dollars for philadelphia schools. but it still leaves the school district in the red. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!!
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that is the shofar, of course. the jewish new year, rosh
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hashanah, begins today at sundown. it's the start of a ten-day period of prayer and reflection. it marks the year 5775 on the hebrew calendar. many jews celebrate the holiday with traditional foods, including apples dipped in honey for a sweet year. the auditor of wilmington will be reviewing police overtime. "the news journal" reports that it jumped last year. the auditor decided over the summer to look at the figures before the newspaper analyzed the amounts. the numbers show nearly $3 million in overtime paid to police in 2013. that pushed salaries for dozens of police officers above the $100,000 mark. wilmington's auditor said he will also look at the fire department overtime pay. we have learned new information about the source of a bad odor detected across bucks, montgomery, delaware and chester counties back on august 30th. peco now says the chemical pexane was produced during cleaning operations on the interstate pipeline, and that caused the smell.
6:26 am
peco says there was never any danger. the pipeline pumps gas to a peco station, which then sends it to homes. it is 6:26 right now, and we are seeing delays on a lot of the majors, 95, 76, route 30 bypass starting to slow down, and so is route 422, the eastbound side crawling along at trooper. as you can see, drive time indicating with a two-minute delay, 9 minutes eastbound from oaks to route 202. let's take you together skies, live look from skyforce10 showing pretty skies. looks like a gorgeous start to the day, bill. >> but you can see clouds in the view, too. the clouds are already starting to increase in the area and will eventually lead to rain, but you won't see it this morning. right now the temperatures are at about their coolest. the temperature has dropped to 56 in philadelphia, but the rest of the area's cooler, including 40s in pottstown. at the bus stop this morning, chilly, though not as cold as yesterday. some sunshine will be fading this morning.
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breaking news from the ogontz section of philadelphia. a double shooting takes the life of a pregnant woman and her child and leaves another person in critical condition. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the scene with the latest. katy? >> reporter: vai, police behind me have been out here since around 1:00 this morning at the scene of a deadly shooting where a pregnant woman lost her life, as did her unborn baby girl. we'll have more information coming up after the break about the search for the shooter. monique? hi, katy. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live outside central detectives. this is where three people accused of attacking a gay couple are expected to walk in the doors with their attorneys any minute now. we'll have that for you after the break. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are.
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take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
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and that breaking news, a woman eight months pregnant is shot and killed overnight in the ogontz neighborhood. her baby was delivered but died
6:31 am
a short time later, and the second person shot is in critical condition. gay couple attacked. any time now, three people accused in the crime are expected to turn themselves in. and we're tracking rain. it's clear right now, but showers are on the way. this is a look at what's to come from the first alert radar. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's start with bill henley with the first alert forecast about the morning temperatures and the rain to come. bill? >> good morning, tracy. we're seeing high clouds start to move into philadelphia, but it's already cloudy along the coastline. the clouds. this is a live view from center city. the clouds will be taking over as the day goes on, so any sunshine will be fading. right now the numbers include 56 in philadelphia but 40s north and west for pottstown and reading. into the 50s to start with, yes. the clouds increasing as the day goes on with cloudy skies this afternoon. we will see temperatures in the 70s.
6:32 am
we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back, but first, jillian mele has your traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. we have a lot of congestion on 76, especially westbound near city avenue and eastbound near the conshohocken curve. this is right at belmont avenue. you can see it's definitely slowing down in both directions, but it is a lot of that normal volume. city avenue southbound right near presidential boulevard, watch out for an accident there. heading into new jersey, in camden, westbound side of the route 30 admiral wilson boulevard, right as you approach baird boulevard, there was a water main break that happened last night. as a result, we still have repair work going on in that area, so the right lane is going to be blocked. and this problem has been with us all morning long. an overturned tractor-trailer happened hours ago on the new jersey turnpike southbound right as you approach the delaware memorial bridge. only the right lane of traffic is getting by there. crews are trying to upright that tractor-trailer and get that out of there. but you'll notice it happened right here on the southbound side of the turnpike, right where it meets with 295 to get on to the bridge. as a result, we are seeing restrictions on 295 as well. so just make sure you take your time and leave yourself extra time if you're heading out in
6:33 am
that direction. tracy? at about 6:33, we are following breaking news. a pregnant woman and her baby shot and killed, a man with her also shot, and philadelphia police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. the shooting happened on 20th street in the ogontz section of philadelphia around 1:00 this morning. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on scene with more. >> reporter: tracy, this is the second time in as many weeks that philadelphia police have arrived at a scene of a deadly shooting to find a pregnant woman is one of the victims. the victim's a 25-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man who were sitting in this car, this white chevy impala at the corner of 20th and nedro streets in the city's ogontz section. police say just before 1:00 this morning, they got several calls about a shooting at this intersection. officers were nearby and arrived within seconds, i am told thp they drove the victims to the hospital themselves. they did not wait for the ambulance to get here. the woman eight months pregnant had been shot four times, including in the head. she died at einstein medical
6:34 am
center. the man whose relationship we're still trying to verify, police say possibly a boyfriend, we're hearing from relatives of that man that he was, in fact, the boyfriend of the woman who died and that it was his unborn child she was carrying. he was shot twice. he is in critical condition at einstein medical, but he is expected to survive. doctors did an emergency delivery of the baby. >> they delivered the baby and they worked on the baby for over an hour, but the baby was pronounced dead at 2:18 a.m. and the information we're receiving, it's preliminary, but the female was eight months pregnant at the time. >> reporter: and the woman who died had been eight months pregnant with a little girl. that little girl was pronounced dead just after 2:00 this morning. police tell me they have a vague description of the shooter, a man seen running south from this area. they spent the morning talking to some witnesses. homicide detectives just wrapped up from the scene, so they're
6:35 am
going to continue their investigation talking to those witnesses. they're also trying to find surveillance video. there are cameras in the area, but they haven't ascertained if there's actually video that captured the shooting. so, they're trying to find that this morning. reporting live in ogontz, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. we are following breaking news out of montgomery county. crews are on the scene of what was a fire at the king of prussia mall. skyforce10 was over the plaza side of the mall where the fire started around 5:30 in a kiosk in the food court. there was some smoke inside the mall. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates on this breaking news as soon as it comes into our newsroom. and happening today, three bucks county residents are expected to turn themselves into philadelphia police in the next hour. they are wanted in the attack of a gay couple. nbc 10 oou's monique braxton is live outside central detectives in center city waiting for them to arrive. >> reporter: any minute now, the attorneys tell us those three suspects you're talking about will be walking through the doors here at central detectives. the victims released a statement
6:36 am
thanking detectives and the community for their support. yesterday, d.a. seth williams approved arrest warrants against three people seen in the surveillance videotape. people who know the suspects called police, also posted messages on social media sites. williams identified the trio responsible as 24-year-old philip williams, 26-year-old kevin harrigan and 24-year-old katherine knott, all from bucks county. williams says they viciously attacked a gay couple at 16th and chancellor near rittenhouse square. we went to harrisburg yesterday for an announcement by state lawmakers who want to make sure that what happened to the gay men doesn't happen to anyone else. >> let us join kentucky, indiana, tennessee, texas and add sexual orientation to our hate crimes bill. >> reporter: now, one suspect is the daughter of chalfont's police chief, according to police sources here. the williams showed us their injuries when talking about the
6:37 am
attack. they say it occurred after someone in the group asked if they were a couple. now, both men were treated and released from a local hospital. the couple tells us the lgbt community is planning a rally in love park tomorrow in support of changing the state's hate crime legislation so that it includes sexual orientation. we'll have the latest developments for you coming up at 11:00. live for now outside central detectives, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it is 6:37. happening today, president obama will address the u.n. general assembly as the u.s. leads a coalition to stop isis. the president will make his case for the global fight against isis militants. that pitch is expected to call for the expansion of air strikes in syria. president obama will also call on the security council to try to limit the travel of foreign fighters. and because of isis and other terror threats, the u.s. has entered its most dangerous period since 9/11. that comes from new york city police commissioner bill bratton
6:38 am
speaking to nbc news. bratton said the risks will only increase. has comprehensive coverage of the american air strikes in syria bp count on updates on your computer, smartphone or tablet using the nbc 10 news app. happening today, two suspects charged in last year's deadly building collapse in center city will appear in court in just a few hours. the pretrial hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. for demolition contractor griffin campbell and subcontractor sean benschop. both men face third-degree murder charges. last week, a judge denied a defense request for campbell and benschop to be tried separately. six people were killed when the building under demolition came crashing down on top of a salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market streets in june of 2013. in the philadelphia school budget crisis, pennsylvania governor tom corbett will sign the new cigarette tax into law providing much-needed money for philadelphia schools. the state senate passed the bill yesterday. the $2-per-pack tax will
6:39 am
generate an estimated $49 million for the school district this fiscal year and $80 million in following years. some say it's a good start toward closing the budget gap but a long-term solution is still needed. it's already been plugged into the budget. so, it's good news, but quite frankly, it's not enough. >> governor corbett is expected to sign that tax into law later this morning. it would only apply to cigarettes sold in philadelphia. and now to the latest on the casino crisis. revel casino hotel could soon have a new owner. it goes up for auction later this morning. revel officials say it has received multiple bids, but the only one that's been made public so far is the $90 million offer from a florida developer. revel closed on september 2nd. meantime, atlantic city plans to ask the state for permission to lay off some city workers to help balance its budget. it also wants to reopen most union contracts for city workers to cut costs. it's unknown how many workers might be targeted. city officials intend to file a layoff plan with the state on
6:40 am
october 1st. and of course, stay with nbc 10 news for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg will be in new york today for revel's auction. and visit for a deeper look at the economic impact on atlantic city. as many as five casinos could close this year alone. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> here come the clouds after clear skies overnight. the clouds are increasing in the city and the clouds will take over later today, and that eventually is going to lead to some wet weather. during the day it will be dry, but first thing this evening, the first showers arrive along the coastline, and then moving inland during the evening hours. could lead to some heavy downpours at this time tomorrow morning. rain is on the way, but right now it's just clouds and the glow of twilight. getting closer to sunrise this morning. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. temperatures warmer in toms river, up more than ten degrees
6:41 am
compared to yesterday, but it's about the same in northeast philadelphia. in pottstown, doylestown, we're in the 40s, so there is some chilly air around. and the rain is to the south, but it's slowly making some progress northward. you can see it just getting closer to southern maryland this morning. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. north and west, sunshine for the pocono mountains, 68 degrees, low 70s for allentown and quakertown. clouds on the increase for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. and late-day showers possible for rehoboth, cape may. and this evening, early this evening into the atlantic city area. we'll watch sunshine fade in wilmington, chester and philadelphia today with rain on the way for tonight. got the seven-day forecast with a look at your weekend when i come back. >> all right, bill. see you in a few minutes. 6:41 right now. to get you updated on the roads, if you're getting ready to get in the car and head out. >> jillian mele, it's been a busy morning for you. >> it has been a busy morning. a lot of drivers are sitting right now on the new jersey turnpike. we are seeing a delay southbound as drivers approach the delaware memorial bridge. an overturned tractor-trailer accident happened hours ago, in
6:42 am
the overnight hours, and right now the right lane is still getting by. crews have been trying to get this clear, but from this traffic camera, you can clearly see that line of traffic that's out there as drivers approach that scene. so, definitely leave yourself extra time and avoid that portion of the turnpike, if you can. we have a new accident into our system in hatboro right now on full more avenue right near york road. keep in mind, you could see a delay at that intersection, but no other big issues as far as intersections go in montgomery county. heading to chester county, the route 30 bypass eastbound at route 322, volume is out there on the eastbound side in the normal spots. we have delays on the majors like 95, 76, also the blue route. you can start to see some congestion out near route 1. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. vai? >> jillian, thank you. new plans could give you a chance to see philadelphia from the top of 1 liberty place. here's a live look at the center city building. in fact, both liberty buildings are partners at the philadelphia business journal report a company based in paris may build an interior observation deck on
6:43 am
the 57th floor. we reached out to liberty management, but they are not yet commenting on this deal. and there are new developments in the case of a missing university of virginia student and they involve the man seen here in this surveillance video walking. he's gone from a person of interest to a man wanted. and mo'ne mania continues. the latest honor the little leaguer will receive.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
pumpkin coffee for the morning, and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with a press of a button. bring home pumpkin or any other k-cup packs for $9.99. america runs on dunkin'. 6:46 and we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. a deadly double shooting in the ogontz section of philadelphia. a woman eight months pregnant was killed, her baby girl was delivered but died a short time later. a man with the woman was wounded at the scene. right now he is in critical condition. police do have a description of the suspect.
6:47 am
police in central florida are trying to figure out if two men found dead in a crashed car are somehow connected to a mall shooting nearby. the men's bodies were found in a car matching the description of the suspects' vehicle. police say two people were wounded in that mall shooting last night, suffering injuries that are not considered life-threatening. and new charges have been filed in the case of a missing university of virginia student, hannah graham. an arrest warrant has been issued for that guy, jesse matthew jr. police believe he was the last person to see graham before she disappeared september 13th. matthew was considered a person of interest but now he is wanted for the abduction with the intent to defile. a grand jury in western new york has begun hearing testimony in the tony stewart case. the panel convened yesterday to determine whether charges should be filed against the nascar champion driver. stewart's car struck and killed another driver at a dirt track race in canandaigua on august 9th. authorities say stewart is cooperating with the
6:48 am
investigation. the palestinian prime minister is asking for almost $4 billion in aid to help rebuild gaza following this summer's war with israel. the prime minister says saudi arabia has already pledged $500 million and other nations have said they would help. the aid request comes as palestine's president is preparing to submit a resolution to the u.n. security council. that resolution seeks a three-year timetable for israeli forces to withdraw from the west bank. and take a look at this new video of an israeli raid from yesterday. troops used explosives to get inside the building where two palestinian men accused of abducting and murdering three israeli boys were staying. israel says they were affiliated with hamas. one of the three teens has family in ocean county. their murders helped spark that seven-week war between israel and hamas in gaza over the summer. tomorrow, some of the taney dragons will appear at the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. little league sensation mo'ne davis is donating a jersey she
6:49 am
wore during the little league world series to the museum. some of her taney teammates will be there for the celebration. mo'ne became the first girl to throw a shutout at the little league world series. amazing. she's headed to cooperstown! yeah. you knew it was going to happen. let's go to new york for a look ahead at the "today" show. >> for a preview, we say good morning to matt lauer and hoda kotb. hi, guys. >> hi, guys, how are you? >> vai and tracy, nice to see you both. coming up, reports of air strikes in syria overnight as president obama looks to build more support for the fight against isis in a key speech at the u.n. this morning. we'll talk about all of that with the president's national security adviser, susan rice, who will be live in our studio. also ahead, is marriage a dying institution? we'll take a closer look at why more americans are choosing to stay single. then, jessica simpson stops by to talk about her wedding, motherhood and her billion-dollar empire. plus, more. and a special live performance from the grammy-winning band train. so terrific, when we get started here in a little bit on "today."
6:50 am
vai and tracy, back to you. >> tracy's bopping her head already, jammin' out. guys, we appreciate it. >> thanks. have a good morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are already moving into the area, and they're going to take over during the day today. it's 6:50. the sun is coming up and we'll see a little bit of sunshine to begin with, but we're not going to see the sun set today as clouds take over. 52 in wilmington, 56 in philadelphia, but there are some chilly spots, especially north and west and parts of new jersey. raccoon creek in the upper 40s right now. to the north and west, we are seeing 40s for chester springs. and bluebell is down to 45 degrees. and actually reporting a little bit of fog in the bluebell area. it's a bit thicker in parts of the pocono mountains and not an issue at all for wilmington, philadelphia and into the northeast corridor. look at the clouds over cape may. the clouds have already taken
6:51 am
over. the clouds are in advance of this wet weather that is going to be arriving right along the shore by early this evening. so, clouds increasing today. 70s this afternoon with winds out of the east-northeast to 15 miles an hour. those winds will be stronger tomorrow and the rain will be heavier overnight tonight and into tomorrow. we'll see some heavy downpours, especially in delaware and south jersey. cooler during the day on thursday but we clear out nicely for friday. high of 78 degrees friday afternoon. the weekend looking beautiful. saturday, sunday, lots of sunshine, high temperatures in the low 80s with low humidity. all right, bill, thanks. nine minutes before 7:00 right now. we have had a problem on the new jersey turnpike all morning long. >> and also a water main break out there. lots of problems out there in south jersey. jill? >> a new problem for blue route drivers this morning. we have an accident i just got word of in the last 30 seconds. the blue route southbound as drivers approach 76, you can see traffic's moving slowly. way up here in the right lane we do have an accident. as you can see, the drivers behind that accident having to merge over. that's why traffic is so slow.
6:52 am
let's update you on the new jersey turnpike. as tracy and vai mentioned, that has been with us all morning long. an overturned tractor-trailer happened shortly after 2:00, 2:30 this morning on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike right as you approach the delaware memorial bridge. right now only the right lane of traffic is getting by and we do have a big backup as you can see right now for a couple miles as drivers approach that scene. crews have been working to try and get that clear, but unfortunately, it's just not out of there right now. so, that's something we continue to follow for you. this is a new accident, hatfield, bethlehem pike, which is 309, right at orvillea road. use caution there. the tacony-palmyra bridge, it is going up right now for a ship to pass through, so that, of course, means traffic will be stopped for roughly the next 10 to 15 minutes. philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot and killed a pregnant woman at this intersection in the ogontz neighborhood. her baby girl she was carrying died this morning as well. there is a third victim in the hospital. i'll have a live report coming up after the break.
6:53 am
i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live outside central detectives. this is where three people accused in a gay bashing crime are going to turn themselves in, according to their attorneys, any minute now. that's after the break.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
four before 7:00. we have breaking news we're following for you, a double shooting in philadelphia overnight. a pregnant woman and her baby are dead. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in ogontz. katy? >> reporter: the deadly shooting happened behind me at 20th and nedro streets. there are surveillance cameras in the area. police are trying to get their hands on video, hoping there is video of the shooting. the man who survived the shooting, he is in critical condition at einstein medical
6:57 am
center. but as you said, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby girl have died. police say the 25-year-old woman was eight months pregnant. she was sitting in a white sedan with a 26-year-old man, believed to be her boyfriend. shots were fired just before 1:00 this morning. police were in the area, got on scene within seconds, i'm told. they drove the victim to einstein medical center. the woman died a short time later, as did the little girl she was carrying. police are looking for the shooter this morning. they have talked to several witnesses who live in the area. again, they're looking for surveillance video, hoping there is some video that caught the shooting happen. at this time, the motive is unknown. reporting live in ogontz, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. suspects wanted in the attack of a gay couple in center city could turn themselves in any time now. nbc 10's monique braxton is live outside central detectives waiting for those three bucks county residents to arrive. monique? >> reporter: vai, attorneys representing those three suspects say they will come here through these doors at central
6:58 am
detectives any minute now. the suspects allegedly attacked a gay couple earlier this month. d.a. seth williams approved arrest warrants against three people seen in this surveillance video that not only went viral but helped detectives identify the suspects. williams i've them as 24-year-old philip williams, 26-year-old kevin harrigan and 24-year-old katherine knott. all are from bucks county. sources say knott is the daughter of chalfont's police chief. they allegedly attacked a gay couple here at 16th and chancellor on september 11th. the trio is charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and conspiracy. we're going to be here live when thee the walk through these doors and have it for you at 11:00. live outside central detectives, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. as we approach 7:00, all of the delays have just cleared out in the last few minutes on the new jersey turnpike southbound. a lot of that activity from that accident has since cleared. you still have some activity on the shoulders in that area. turnpike southbound approaching the delaware memorial bridge, we had a huge accident out there for hours this morning, and much
6:59 am
of that has just cleared. so, that is a bit of good news. heading into pennsylvania, turnpike westbound just past ft. washington, we have an accident there. the left lane is blocked. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> you can see the clouds that are moving into the area. those clouds increasing during the day today. they will lead to some rain tonight. we're seeing some areas of fog north and west into the pocono mountains, some thick follow over lake wallenpaupack. that will disappear as the temperatures climb into the 60s this afternoon for the pocono mountains. right now, though, it is a chilly morning. 40s for pottstown, allentown and reading. mt. holly's at 49 degrees, while it's 53 in northeast philadelphia. and the "today" show is up next. we'll have local updates, including updates on the traffic mess with jillian in about a half hour. >> you can get updates on news, traffic and weather any time at nbc10.c thanks for watching.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. reports of new air strikes in syria while president obama gets set for a major address on the world stage this morning. can he convince more countries to join the fight against isis? wanted. the last person seen with missing college student hannah graham now formally charged with abduction. an arrest warrant issued. but where is he? double standard in the wake of the nfl scandals. growing questions around a domestic violence case involving soccer star hope solo. why is she still being allowed to play? this morning, she is speaking out. ♪ how big your brave is >> and in harmony, two big names in music come t